District 9 Group Change Submission Form
Meeting Submission Policy:
This Form is for District 9 Meetings Only!
It can be used for New Meetings as well as Changes to existing meetings.
All submissions will be read within a day or two by the Web Chair.

After submitting this form a you will be sent a confirmation email.
That email MUST BE REPLIED TO or NO action will be taken!

If your request is determined to be legitimate a posting to the where_when.html should take place within a couple of days.   Changes to existing maps etc. could take additional time.

New Meetings will only receive an initial posting in:
- the where_when.html's "Announcements" section &
- below that in the appopriate day table location

Related Maps, and the pdf Where & When here at the website as well as our paper directory will NOT be updated to reflect the new meeting until 30 days have elapsed to be sure that the meeting recieves enough support to survive as it requires a good deal of additional work.
Thank you in advance for your patience:)

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