d9mdaa.org - Website Guidelines


A.   This Web Site is a public information vehicle of District 9 of Alcoholics Anonymous. It contains information that is publicly available. In general, the intent of this Web Site is to provide accurate and consistent information to the general public, media & professionals regarding Alcoholics Anonymous and facilitate the communication of A.A. services and activities provided by District 9 of Area 29 Alcoholics Anonymous. We shall wish to encourage members, groups and committees to participate in the A.A. Service Activities of District 9. We also wish to facilitate face-to-face contact between A.A. members and those wishing to learn about the A.A. program of recovery from alcoholism.

In its conduct, this Web Site will follow the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts for World Service. To preserve anonymity, no last names are used.

We permit no affiliation with, representation or endorsement of, any outside enterprise by this site. Only posts regarding this site itself, District 9 and registered groups of District 9 functions and activities, and the information contained within will be considered for posting.

B.   The site provides resources such as a Meetings Directory to facilitate the face-to-face meeting of still-suffering alcoholics who may be ready for help with others who have solved their drinking problem. The site will also provide a link to Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., where a variety of pamphlets found at our meetings, may be viewed online. The site also provides information to the general public about AA in our District, and about AA in general.

C.   Information, such as announcements of District 9 events, as well as Maryland General Service’s events’ will be presented on the web site.


A.   Ownership of Web Site
1.) Ownership of this web site is held by General Service District 9, Maryland General Service Area 29. For administrative purposes, its mailing address is listed at the top of the website home page
District 9
P.O. Box 207
Finksburg, MD 21048

B.   Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Services
1.) The domain name shall be d9mdaa.org and is registered in the name of the Owner.
a.) The Web Site Committee shall choose a domain name registrar / domain name reseller and web hosting provider at its discretion, with a goal of using a "best cost" service provider, customer service, ad-free, and ease of use.

C.   Billing Contact
1.) Invoices from the domain name registrar/domain name reseller and web hosting provider should be directed to the District 9 Web Site Committee Chair, with his/her mailing address to the attention of District 9, refer to the address at the top of the website home page. The Web Site Committee Chair will pay annual fees for registration of the domain name and for web hosting services. The District 9 Treasurer will reimburse the Web Site Committee Chair upon presentation of invoices and conformation for domain name and web hosting services.

D.   Technical Contact
1.) The District 9 Web Site Webmaster is the contact point for technical issues relating to the web site. Inquiries may be directed via email or sent via regular postal mail to the attention of District 9 Web Site Webmaster, refer to the address at the top of the website home page. The Web Site Committee may contract for these services as needed.

E.   District 9 Web Site Committee
1.) Purpose
a.)   A permanent, standing Web Site Committee has been formed as a Sub Committee of the Public Information Committee, reporting to District 9.

b.)   After publication to the Internet, the Committee will provide on-going web site operations monitoring, maintenance, and oversight, including the removal / replacement of outdated / updated information as necessary.

2.) Composition / Terms of Service
a.)   The Web Site Committee will consist of a minimum of 3 members, whereby one is appointed by the District Committee Member as Chair.

E1.)   Web Site Committee Chairperson
i.)   2yr. Term: This is an appointed position of service to the District, the DCM, the Web Site Committee, and A.A, as a whole, with duties as delegated below.

a)   Schedule or call Web Site Committee meetings, recording minutes and submitting those in writing to the District. Meetings are to be held on a regularly scheduled basis, or, if necessitated, to be called on an emergency basis.

b)   Chair and oversee Web Site Committee meetings and activities.

c)   Report Committee decisions and activities to the DCM, District Secretary, and GSR’s at the regular District 9 business meetings.

d)   Approve and appoint a District 9 Webmaster.

e)   Facilitate communication regarding Web Site issues between DCM, GSR’s, standing Web Site Committee Members and the Webmaster.

f)   Insure payments of fees are made on time regarding Domain Registration, Web Hosting, etc.

g)   Share, in trust, with Webmaster and DCM, access information to the Web Site (login name and password).

h)   Ensure there is a back up copy of all files of the Web Site available.

i)   Verify, with groups requesting to post, the validity of a request to post a function or event flyer.

j)   Other duties as assigned by either the standing Web Site committee and/or the DCM.

E2.)   Web Site Committee Members
i.)   Committee Member 2 yr. Term: This is an appointed or volunteer position, acting in service, as outlined below.

a)   Attend regular Web Site Committee meetings.

b)   Be informed of Web Site Committee issues & business at hand.

c)   Decide on issues involving the structure, maintenance and operation of the District 9 Web Site, including, but not limited to:

1.   Selection and contracting with a Domain Registrar and Web Host Provider.

2.   Organization, Content, Function, and Maintenance of the Web Site.

d)   Ensure that payment is made, by delegated person or persons responsible for payment of all fees regarding operation, maintenance, and upkeep of the Web Site, in a timely manner.
e)   Other duties, regarding the Web Site, as delegated.

f)   All matters involving the Web Site Committee will be decided in accordance with A.A. Tradition. A simple majority vote by the informed group conscience of the assembled committee present shall constitute passage of any issues or matters at hand. In the event of a tie vote, the chairperson, guided by the spirit of service to the group, shall cast the deciding vote.

E3.)   Web Site Webmaster
i.   Webmaster 2 yr. Term: This is an appointed position, acting in service only, as delegated by the Web Site Committee, and so, tasked by the Committee Chairperson. Responsibilities include:

a)   Maintain and monitor the Web Site as delegated.

b)   Keep track of contract and registration expiration dates and inform Web Site Committee Chairperson so there are no lapses in coverage.

c)   Report to Committee all issues involving operation, maintenance, function, content, and communication with the Web Site.

d)   Share, in trust, with Committee Chairperson and DCM, access information to the Web Site (login name and password).

e)   Ensure there is a back up copy of all files of the Web Site.

f)   Other duties as delegated by vote of the Web Site Committee.

b. The Committee may seek outside/professional assistance when needed or desirable.

F.   Technical Access
1) Web Site Committee Chairperson, the DCM, and the Webmaster will have password-protected access to the site. Wrongful use of the site and this access privilege can result in removal of access to the site.

G.   Approval of Web Site Content Changes
1) The Committee will accept suggestions for major changes to the web site's standing content and present these at District 9 business meetings. The District and Groups may submit content change proposals to the Web Site Committee for review.

2) Minor changes in standing content may be made by the Web Site Committee without prior District approval for the purpose of enhancing site visibility and accessibility, to improve the site's ease of use for its visitors, and to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, such as that contained in the Meetings Directory, and any other time / date sensitive material.


A. The District 9 Web Site content shall include, but not be limited to:
1) Standing Content
a) Home page: Introduces the visitor to Alcoholics Anonymous in our District by displaying our Mission Statement, various disclaimers to ensure the user understands what can and can not be gained by viewing the web site, a listing of towns, within our District, with meetings, and a statement covering Alcoholics Anonymous World Service and the A.A. Grapevine copyrights, service marks, and trademarks uses and permissions. Additionally, the homepage contains links to all other District 9 web site pages (each page has links to all the other site pages). The site’s primary purpose is expressed by the "Responsibility Declaration".

b) Who We Are page: The A.A. Preamble and a brief historical description of the birth and growth of Alcoholics Anonymous.

c) What A.A. Does and Does Not Do page: This page contains information for a newcomer or a professional referring someone to A.A., about Alcoholics Anonymous, including "What is AA?", "Singleness of Purpose and Problems Other Than Alcohol", "What Does AA DO", "What AA Does Not Do", "Members From Court Programs and Treatment Facilities", "Proof of Attendance at Meetings", "Literature" and "Conclusion".

d) Twelve Steps page: This page contains the 12 Steps of recovery.

e) Twelve Traditions page: This page contains the 12 Traditions, including the long version of Tradition 12. This page will also have a link directly to the 12 Traditions Checklist page.

f) Twelve Concepts page: Contains the 12 Concepts of A.A. This page will also have a link directly to the 12 Concepts Checklist page.

g) Service Information page: This page contains a brief excerpt from the A.A. Service Manual and a brief excerpt from "Dr Bob and the Good Old-Timers". This page contains District Committee reports, requests for volunteers, and other service related articles and expressions. Between the header and the content, there will be links to lead the user to "Traditions Checklist" and "Concepts Checklist". At the bottom of the page will be links to email addresses to contact the Webmaster, DCM, and Committee Chairs.

h)   Meetings Directory page: Contains a directory of regular AA meetings. This page also contains a downloadable, printable directory.

i)   Calendar of Events page: Contains the names, dates, locations, and brief descriptions of upcoming fellowship and service events, and may contain links to event flyers.

a.   All A.A.W.S., Area 29, NERAASA, Area 29 Districts and District 9 events are pre-approved and may be posted when requested via the event form submission page, or when event information is available. The Web Site Chairperson may contact the submitter to verify the event. However, we reserve the right to remove any personally identifiable information, such as last names and home phone numbers from the flyers.

b.   Only registered groups of District 9 may post event flyers. No groups, registered or not, outside of District 9 may post event flyers. If a registered group of District 9 wishes to post an event to this page, they are to follow an approval procedure:

i.   Groups must submit a request to post an event via the form page on the web site or by a downloadable form sent to the District P.O. Box.

ii.   The Web site Chairperson will visit the group, in a timely manner, to verify through the group conscience, that it is a registered group’s event and not an individual’s event.

iii.   A vote by Committee members may be taken to approve the requested event for posting to the Events page of the web site.

iv.   Any approved event posting will be added to the page as soon as possible.

v.   Every effort will be made to avoid posting flyers with personal phone numbers listed for contact information. Your GSR or a responsible home group member will be assigned a temporary e-mail address for information requests about the event. Once the event has taken place, the temporary e-mail address will be deleted.

j)   Literature page: This page will contain 2 literature order forms, one interactive and one downloadable and mailable. The forms will have on them, the book or pamphlet title and the cost, Group making the request, and contact information. The page will also have a statement that orders are for District 9 Groups only.

k)   Resources page: This page contains several offsite links and contact information (link will open a new browser window):

1) Various Area Intergroups with hotline phone numbers.
2) Maryland General Service.
3) A.A. General Service Office.
4) A.A. Grapevine.

l) Web Site Guidelines page: The page where these guidelines will reside on the web site.

m) Contacts page: This page will contain links to contact District 9 officers and Committee Chairs.

B.   Other Content

1) The site may publish additional content, as approved by the District. This content may include (but is not limited to) the following:

a. Regional / National AA fellowship events / calendars page.

b. Offsite Links page (may contain links to other AA web sites or AA-related web sites as appropriate).

2) A District Committee Contacts page may be created to show local contact information, if deemed appropriate.


A.   Direct Communication
1) The web site will not permit "public" interactive communication such as chat rooms, message boards, forums, on-line meetings, or any other form of direct communication, with the exception of direct email contact information for District Officers, Committee Chairs, Webmaster, and Event Sponsors.

B.   Non-AA Content
1) In keeping with Tradition 6, there will be no non-AA content or links to non-AA-related sites.

2) No commercial links or commercial / professional services are available through this site.

C.   Personal Information
1) In keeping with Tradition 11, no individual will be identified by last name nor an individual’s photograph published on the web site. The District may choose to restrict the publishing of any telephone numbers as circumstances warrant, except Intergroup numbers. Caution should always be used to protect the anonymity of AA members.


A.   Email addresses for the following District positions are authorized:

1) DCM
2) All Committee Chairs
3) Secretary
4) Web Site Webmaster
5) Treasurer

B.   Additional Email Addresses
may be made available as the District so chooses, including, but not limited to, various Committee members. Caution should be exercised when proposing email links through the web site in light of our "no direct communications" policy.

C.   Email Addresses are to be used
for District 9 business only. Any abuse of email addresses found, address will be immediately suspended until the issue is resolved.


A.   The Web Site Guidelines will be updated
by the Web Site Committee as conditions warrant. These updates may reflect changes to the site itself, District and committee activities, web site Standing Content or Other Content, and other changes.

B. Any major change to the Web Site Guidelines
will be the subject of a motion at a District meeting.

Guidelines last updated as of 8/22/2007